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Canopy by nusrat1881
[14 July 2019, 00:59]

ASW-15B Weight and Balance by Dick
[11 May 2019, 05:13]

C-GRXQ. Serial number 15380 by Dick
[11 May 2019, 05:06]

ASW-15 Parts Catalog by skid
[13 January 2019, 01:46]

ASW-15B Landing gear sub-frame part number. by Dick
[15 October 2018, 06:51]

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General ASW15 forum / Re: Canopy
« Last post by nusrat1881 on 14 July 2019, 00:59 »
Hi All,

I've just bought a 15B, a lovely glider and very nice to fly.

I too am of the view that a side hinged canopy will be very useful when getting ready to launch and exiting the glider on landing and more importantly safety of the canopy.

Since all the messages etc. in this thread are 14yrs old I wonder if anyone has any recent info on hinging the canopy, certification etc..

Introduce yourself / ASW-15B Weight and Balance
« Last post by Dick on 11 May 2019, 05:13 »
I have the TCDS and BGA Data Sheet for the ASW15B. Both give the operational C of G range, but does anyone have the Basic Empty Weight C of G limits (aft of the datum)? Many thanks. Dick Parker.
Introduce yourself / C-GRXQ. Serial number 15380
« Last post by Dick on 11 May 2019, 05:06 »
C-GRXQ. ASW-15B, serial 15380. Now owned by Dick Parker & Dale Travis of Edmonton Soaring Club,
Alberta, Canada.
General ASW15 forum / ASW-15 Parts Catalog
« Last post by skid on 13 January 2019, 01:46 »
Would anyone have a copy of the ASW-15 parts catalog- paper, downloadable or otherwise? Apparantly these are no longer available from Schleicher.
General ASW15 forum / ASW-15B Landing gear sub-frame part number.
« Last post by Dick on 15 October 2018, 06:51 »
Greetings from Canada.
Can anybody please provide the landing gear sub-frame part number? This item is the aft smaller plywood frame to which the landing gear folding strut is attached. The two mounts have four attachment bolts each at the bottom of this frame.
Also, the the two short rods which operate the wheel brake, and are attached to the airbrake rod, appear to be bent. Has anyone a photo of these two links please for comparison purposes.
Many thanks indeed.
Dick Parker
Edmonton. Alberta. Canada.
General ASW15 forum / Re: Competition preparation and sealing
« Last post by Giancarlo on 08 October 2018, 11:35 »
Hi all,
I'm not interested (yet) in competition (maybe in the future...), but I would like some advice for achieving best results in xc flying.
Apart from sealing and c.g. setting (mine is quite on the rear side of the range), is there any other action to be taken to maximize performance?
Thanks for any answer and have nice landings!
General ASW15 forum / Re: Schleicher ASW15 production list
« Last post by Klaus on 27 July 2018, 01:54 »
Hi, D-9276 is now C-GDVW
Cheers Klaus
General ASW15 forum / Re: Factory Trailer
« Last post by Klaus on 11 July 2018, 02:48 »
Hi, Cobra trailer from Spindelberger Fahrzeugtechnik are to be recommended.

Introduce yourself / D-9276 has become C-GDVW
« Last post by Klaus on 09 July 2018, 20:19 »
Hi everyone,
just joined the forum. Klaus is my name, recently became Canadian resident. In 1982 my dad bought D-9276 (VO) and I spend all my teenage time with him with it. Flew it until 1989, when he sold it to pay my pilot
career. He passed away quiet soon after. In falls last year I immigrated to Quebec and became member of local flying club this spring. In February I found D-9276 on the internet for sale and bought it back . Haven’t seen it
yet it is arriving tomorrow in the harbour of Montreal. New registration will be C-GDVW. Looking forward to exchange ASW15 experience with all of you.
General ASW15 forum / Re: Balsa wood
« Last post by iAlex on 03 June 2018, 17:33 »
Looking through the documentation I received with my "new" ASW-15b I think I may have the answer for what these black dots are in the Balsa.  Sorry about the quality of the picture.  PM me if you need a better quality scan of the page.

Alex (GWZ)
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