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Title: Competition preparation and sealing
Post by: jcfx11 on 14 November 2017, 09:23

I'm looking into sealing a 15b better, eg, it has a noisy canopy, a cg hook and an aerotow hook, poorly fitting U/C doors, I might consider mylar seals on the ailerons and the rudder and so on.

Has anyone looked at or done similar work and could you give me info on how you tackled the work.


Title: Re: Competition preparation and sealing
Post by: TheFabulousX1 on 21 January 2018, 17:06
Hi John,

I have mylar seals on ailerons and rudder with teflon sealing below it; standard fabric band (outer slots) and mylar (inner slot) at the gear doors.
In my opinion, tight sealing and mylar on the ailerons is an absolute "must have" on composite gliders, it defintely pays. Mylar is important preventing cross-direction airflows within the small gap between wing and aileron.

Please have a look here: (
(scroll down for installation instructions)

For the cg hook I would recommend a flexible sealing made of kite-cloth on the inside. (I have only aerotow-hook, which I sealed by a flexible rubber plate with a slot in the middle on the outside; inside sealing made of kite-fabric is under construction ;-)

Best regards
Title: Re: Competition preparation and sealing
Post by: Giancarlo on 08 October 2018, 11:35
Hi all,
I'm not interested (yet) in competition (maybe in the future...), but I would like some advice for achieving best results in xc flying.
Apart from sealing and c.g. setting (mine is quite on the rear side of the range), is there any other action to be taken to maximize performance?
Thanks for any answer and have nice landings!