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[15 October 2018, 06:51]

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[08 October 2018, 11:35]

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Views: 1375
Posted by: Pieter Hendrickx
in: ASW-15A OO-ZMB
OO-ZMB Cockpit

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Posted by: Pieter Hendrickx
in: ASW-15A OO-ZMB



Welcome to the ASW-15 gallery
207 items
Here are all the pictures of ASW15 I collected over the years.
1 item
7 items
Isn't she just sixy?  :P
13 items
2 items
Photos of our AS-W 15 and the soaring club.
6 items
12 items
My ASW-17.

I post it here because it has a lot of similarities with its little brother, including the balsa in the wings inspection and the low-set horizontal tail.

There is an obvious family resemblance.

Why not start my own ASW-17 site? Well, the patronage would be pretty limited. Only about 50 of these were made, and there are only 7 registered in the U.S.

With fiberglass structure (no carbon fibre) and a thin wing (~13%), it is HEAVY*, so the handling fixtures are necessary. 

* Each…
11 items
A copy of a ten-page 1971 Soaring Magazine article comparing 8 sailplanes.
3 items
5 items
Pictures of our ASW-15 OK-2141 and OK-3141
10 items
The webmasters ASW15B; the PH-528. Flying from Terlet airfield, The Netherlands.

Recent Items

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Old picture of my ASW, still D registration
 Views: 692
 Rating: 4.97
Posted by Tomáš Seifert
Sep 22, 2007
in Our ASW´s
Zoom Details 1
Painting by Tom Lohre
My bother has painted all of my gliders: Schweizer 1-36, PIK-20D and AS-W 15.
 Views: 672
 Comments: 1
 Rating: 4.97
Posted by Chuck Lohre
Jan 16, 2010
in AS-W 15 6V Caesar Creek Soarin…
First flight after uncountable workhours
 Views: 266
 Rating: 4.97
Posted by D-4425
Jun 16, 2008
in The Prototype
Now "OK"
My ASW now under Czech registration ...
 Views: 1034
 Rating: 4.33
Posted by Tomáš Seifert
Aug 13, 2010
in Our ASW´s
OK-3141 (bacground D-2141)
 Views: 668
 Rating: 4.00
Posted by Tomáš Seifert
Apr 01, 2009
in Our ASW´s

Random Items

First landing
 Views: 491
Posted by Rob Ford
Jul 19, 2009
in Grote Broer (Big Brother)
July 1970
The archive at the SSA was recently updated. Ik heb deze gevonden-
 Views: 1257
Posted by Rob Ford
Jun 15, 2010
in ASW-15 vs Std Cirrus Reports
asw15 2p 13
 Views: 300
Posted by Johan van Ravenzwaaij
May 21, 2002
in The main gallery
Asw15 41
 Views: 256
Posted by Johan van Ravenzwaaij
Jan 14, 2010
in The main gallery
 Views: 228
Posted by Johan van Ravenzwaaij
Jan 14, 2010
in The main gallery

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