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Posted by: Pieter Hendrickx
in: ASW-15A OO-ZMB
OO-ZMB Cockpit

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Posted by: Pieter Hendrickx
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Grote Broer (Big Brother)
Featured Album - Owner: Rob Ford - 12 items
My ASW-17.

I post it here because it has a lot of similarities with its little brother, including the balsa in the wings inspection and the low-set horizontal tail.

There is an obvious family resemblance.

Why not start my own ASW-17 site? Well, the patronage would be pretty limited. Only about 50 of these were made, and there are only 7 registered in the U.S.

With fiberglass structure (no carbon fibre) and a thin wing (~13%), it is HEAVY*, so the handling fixtures are necessary. 

* Each wing main panel weighs around 280 pounds ( 127 kg) - about the same as the empty weight of an AC-4 Russia

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Wavecamp Krnov 2011
Wavecamp Krnov 2011
Uitstekende video uit Czechopolakia- en er is een ASW-15 erin!
 Views: 2
Dec 11, 2011
Ook vlieg ik dit.
 Views: 419
Jan 28, 2010
 Views: 464
Nov 29, 2009
Shorts on
ASW-17 with 15 M wingtips
 Views: 555
Feb 01, 2009
Wearing shorts.
ASW-17 with 15M wingtips.
 Views: 596
Feb 01, 2009
Want to land a 20 Meter glider on a tennis court? The Koseletzky BS1600 Bremsschirm. (Braking Parachute)
On the ASW-17, this drops out of a compartment on the bottom of the glider, about 8  inches (20 cm) behind the main wheel.

There are a couple of photographs of one in use on  

I h…
 Views: 594
Jul 02, 2009
Required Equipment
Required equipment.
 Views: 557
Jul 05, 2009
Inner and outer panels of the right wing.
Wing parts. I also have stub wing tips that transform the glider into a 15 Meter.
 Views: 547
Jul 04, 2009
First landing
 Views: 498
Jul 19, 2009
Beginning of takeoff roll. Modifications you can see here are the inflatable tailwheel and wingtip wheels.
 Views: 606
Jul 19, 2009
Tow 1
Back over the field during first tow. Very well-behaved glider.
 Views: 544
Jul 19, 2009
N84CR in Flight
Enlargement from the tow picture. Unmistakable ASW profile!
 Views: 496
Jul 19, 2009
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