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Author Topic: ANNOUNCEMENT about the website  (Read 3885 times)

Offline Johan van Ravenzwaaij

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ANNOUNCEMENT about the website
« on: 15 October 2019, 12:11 »
Hi all,

Just a few moments ago I renewed the domain registration of for one year. This process got me thinking; I haven't been at the website for months and since I sold my asw15 years ago, my interest in the asw15 is diminished. Also keeping up the website takes time (and money for domain and hosting) that I could better invest in my family.

So I made up my mind: next year I won't renew the domain, so will go down on 15-10-2020. I know the site has a great user- and knowledge base, so if someone wants to take over the site; I am more than willing to help. Also transferring the information of the site to facebook or google sites is possible.

If you want to take over or help to preserve the data please leave a reply in this topic or contact me with email at locutusweb#weremymailgoesto (#weremymailgoesto =

With all regards,

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