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Author Topic: Another new member  (Read 2310 times)

Offline Andrew Logan

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Another new member
« on: 15 August 2017, 15:12 »
Hello all

last January I purchased s/n 15061  G-CFMS. I fly it from the Devon & Somerset Gliding Club here in England.

It had not been flown for two years and needed some minor attention to its controls and also lots of small items of work to the glider and trailer to get the outfit to how I want it although in general for the total package it was good buy. (Including changing the registration and trigraph from black to red). As with Bernard I have also had to buy a new EASA radio but it all adds to the value. I have also bought some sleeves for the control connections to get around having to pin the L'Hoteliers but this job will wait for the end of the season

I am the club technical officer so have been able to use the services of our inspectors to get things sorted and I have flown it for around 25 hours now including a trip to the Long Mynd.

I am a silver C pilot with over 1250 launches and used to own a K6, so the transition to the ASW15 was a logical step. It is such a nice elegant glider and I hope to fly it for a long time.

Sadly I was intent on doing some epic chasing with Balleka around the sky with my 15. but this will now of course no longer be possible

Offline Giancarlo

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Re: Another new member
« Reply #1 on: 03 October 2017, 00:33 »
Andrew, happy to read that and welcome between us, 15's pilots!

I never flew a 15B, but I'm getting addicted to my sn 15106...

And it's still one of the most beautiful and admired gliders around. Last saturday, I was waiting for the tow, when a guy approached and said: "Ah, the ASW15! I used to fly one many years ago, and when I saw yours I couldn't help to come and look at it close, among all of the other gliders here"
And there were Duodiscus, Discus, LS4, ASW20 (a beauty too), Ventus 2, DG300 and so on.

As to Balleka, I spent my last summer holidays in Devon (Torquay), dreaming to fly the sky - and the coastal ridge (!) - where he has flown so many times. Never met him, but his fate made me as sad as if it had happened to a close friend....

Happy landings and enjoy your 15!


Offline Andrew Logan

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Re: Another new member
« Reply #2 on: 05 November 2017, 18:57 »

Thank you for your kind message.

One of our members has made sure that Matt Wright's video's on U Tube will continue. On the main page of the Devon and Somerset Gliding Club web site the 'come on you want' to video must be about the best advert for a gliding club ever compiled. What talent we have lost!

Best Regards

Andrew Logan